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I would love to help you with effective design so you can experience the difference.

Why choose for Pauler?

I love to use my talent and experience as a graphic designer to create great things for you. I make the design that’s unique and suitable for you so that you and your customers find each other and keep finding each other. I have a nose for specifying the personality of a brand or company and I can also form the visual identity that reflects what you stand for and speaks directly to your target group.

I can advise you on how you can best present yourself and improve your marketing strategies. You need more than design.

My technical knowledge, creative skills and affinity with marketing can provide a fertile basis for any company, small or large.

Who is Pauler?

Pauler is a sole trader set up in 2016 by me, Paul Bos. I travel a lot around the world with my family. With my laptop, I am able to work everywhere, as long as there is sunshine or an internet cafe.

I was trained as an artist, but I prefer to work as a graphic designer and as a web designer. I learn a lot by browsing the internet and doing a lot of business.

I worked for about 3 years in a textile printing company and I gained a lot of experience in designing DTP, video production, web design and SEO.


Lets work together!

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