Is clear visual communication important for your company or organization?

Let me make the difference with effective design

You have talent!

You have talent, knowledge, skills and / or products with which you can help hundreds of people. All those people in need of your help must be able to find you and gain trust in you.

Your potential customers are most likely searching online but without a website you will not be found quickly. If your website is not convincing enough, you will lose the trust of your potential customers.

How do you promote yourself?
Where do you promote yourself?
What promotional material can you use?

I am happy to help you with these issues so that you can help more people with your talent, knowledge, skills and products.

My talents make your worries disappear



  • The technology behind your website
    I lay a strong technical foundation for your website that is optimized for speed and ease of use. Hosting and domain name registration will be  taken care of.
  • The content for your pages
    Do you need images, illustrations and texts? You don’t have to think about it (much). Together we determine to what extent I support you in creating the content.
  • Be found through search engines
    I ensure that your website will score in the search engines on the relevant searches. This will increase the number of visitors. 
  • Your social media marketing
    Do you want attention? then something has to be done for that. I can post structurally on your social0media accounts, so that you get more followers and likes.
  • Your visual identity
    How do you form a recognizable and exceptional brand? I ensure that all your images can be used together. I shape your corporate identity from logo to letterhead.



Pauler, the oneman allround design agency

You understand me correctly. Pauler is a sole trader and can be widely used for your design and online marketing. Pauler was set up in 2016 by me, Paul Louis Bos.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, I started working at one of the largest textile printing companies in the Netherlands. I had a position there for several years with the most diverse design and online marketing tasks.

I truly love to help entrepreneurs with my knowledge and skills in graphic design, web design, motion graphics, copywriting and online marketing.

Paul Louis Bos

When I’m not working, I’m playing outside with my kids or climbing a mountain. In the morning I take a cold bath the evening I play the guitar by a campfire .

I live in Purmerend, but I travel a lot with my family through Europe. Fortunately I can do my work everywhere with my laptop.

I like to see myself as sober, curious, critical, honest and friendly.


Start your project

I’m excited! Let me know what you are looking for. Provide as much relevant information as possible. I will respond soon with questions to get a full picture of what is needed for your project.
If the scope of your project is clear, I will let you know how I will proceed and what the price indication is.


Where are your chances?

I like to study your company, your design, marketing and your future plans, so that I can give you design and marketing advice.