How to order printed material?

For laymen in the world of printing it is sometimes difficult to order printed articles with and get the desired result. With my knowledge about printing techniques, printing companies and the materials to be printed, it is already a lot less difficult to order the desired printed matter. I will gladly help you with the design of all your printed matter and I will also arrange for printing and delivery of your printed clothing, business cards, advertising signs, pens, wine bottles, flyers, or other articles to be printed.

I guarantee
  • No unexpected white edges due to cutting without bleeding.
  • The quality of the printing technique and the material as we agree.
  • Blank shipping if agreed.


Do you need printing urgently?

I do everything to find out if your deadline is feasible. I will let you know as soon as possible if there’s a printer who can deliver upon your wishes.

Do you need printing in large quantities?

No problem. The more the better. Prices per piece will get better and maybe it will become possible to get test samples before the big batches are being printed.

Do you need printed items?

Provide your project details and I will respond quickly.

Do you need anything else? Then take a look at the overview of my design services or ask me for advice and information.