Custom design for printing T-shirts

When printing T-shirts, there is more to it than you think. I have worked in a textile printing shop for years and I understand what the design files require for properly printed T-shirts.


You can also have other clothes printed or embroidered

T-shirts are a great product! But there are of course many more items that can be printed. T-shirts are too thin to embroider nicely, but polo, hoodies and jackets and caps can also be embroidered!

Do you need printing in larger runs?

No problem. The more the better. Prices a piece and the setup costs will become more affordable. In case of screen printing, for example, it might become more affordable to print with more colors.

Do you need printed clothing?

Provide your project details and I will respond quickly.

Do you need anything else? Then please take a look at the overview of my design services or ask me for advice and information.