Have a logo designed

Let your logo match with your identity

The logo is an indispensable element for the identity of your company or organization. With the right logo your customers will automatically have a connection to your company.

If you ask me, a good logo is simple, easy to read, recognizable and fits the company or brand.

To make your logo I will do research on your identity and your wishes and II make sure you stand out among the logos of your competitors. I sketch on paper, I assemble digitally, I consult, I make proposals in form and typography, and I work with vectors.

In the end I deliver an easy-to-use logo package that is always ready for you for all conceivable applications.


What does it cost to have a logo made?

I don’t have a fixed price for logo design. The work that is required differs per logo. My logo design service is more affordable than it would be if you have it done by a big design agency.

If you are curious how much your dream logo will cost, send me an email or call me immediately.

Do you need a designer for a logo?

Provide your project details and I will respond soon.

Do you need anything else?
Then view the overview of my design services or ask me for advice and information.