Usefull tools

These are the tools that I use on a daily basis for web design, hosting and writing copy.

Working online is a lot easier with the right resources

I have compiled a list of services and apps that I use to create websites, among other things. I can recommend these tools to anyone.

Disclaimer: With every purchase through one of the links I receive a small commission, but you pay no more than normal. They are therefore affiliate links. There are also free resources and resources with a free version.

The list contains resources that are relevant to design, hosting, text writing.

Soon you can expect more useful links here, for example for online shopping with a discount, online learning and investing.

I will explain briefly by all means what it is for you.

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WordPress Theme Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes. That it is used so much is partly because there are so many design options and because the visual builder is so pleasant to work with. This website also uses the Divi theme.

The team of Elegant Themes works constantly to make the theme better and every week there are, for example, new templates that can be used free of charge for all members.

The community formed around Divi provides a lot of support and inspiration. For many additional functions, for example, plugins and child themes developed by third parties are available.

There are two forms of membership available: Yearly acces for $ 89 or lifetime acces for $ 249.

Are you interested? Then click on the button or on the banner.

Webhosting on SiteGround

Web hosting is complex to understand but it determines the speed of your websites and therefore also determines your ranking in the search engines. When I started with web design, I purchased web hosting at a different company for a while, but since I am at SiteGround everything goes a lot faster. This is because SiteGround uses fast software on their servers and because the servers are also good machines. Anyway, hosting at siteground is quite fast, especially for the prices they charge.

One of the benefits of SiteGround is that the support team is always friendly and responds quickly.

At SiteGround they have several hosting packages available for you, whether you manage 1 website or hundreds.

I would say give it a try and if you have the option you can compare the loading speed of your website with other hosting companies. For me the loading speed had become a lot better thanks to SiteGround.

Can you write flawless English with Grammarly?

Do you write many texts in English? With the tips and indications of Grammarly it is suddenly a lot easier to write flawless English. Grammarly checks spelling and grammar and if something can be improved it is indicated. So you can sometimes choose from words that can make a sentence better. For incorrectly written words, the app indicates which words are spelled correctly.

Grammarly has a desktop app, there are browser extensions for multiple browsers and there is an app for mobile devices.

You can become a free member and use a limited number of functions, but still avoid many spelling mistakes.

As a paying member you can use all functions, including an Advanced plagiarism detector.

If you pay per year you are a member for around € 10.52 per month.
If you pay per quarter you are a member for around € 17.70 a month
If you pay per month you are a member for around € 26.52 per month.

If you are interested you can of course first try the free version.

Are you going to use these handy digital tools?

My wish is that you will be helped with these means.
I am curious what you think of these means. Let me know what your experience is with these tools. Do you have questions about these tools? Do not hesitate and contact me.